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Five Most Significant World News Stories in Recent Years

In the five most significant world news stories in recent years, in my opinion, we are not living in the happiest of times with regard to world politics. There isn’t just one significant global event occurring, such as climate change, or an asteroid reaching Earth. or even whether Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will be the next president, thus when the term “world” is used, it refers to both everything and nothing. Currently, all of these events are occurring on different continents, and people from all over the world have vastly different opinions about them, which can cause political instability and chaos, especially during election seasons. However, at the moment, the biggest news story of the previous five years is China’s declaration of its desire for “global supremacy,”  But what does that actually mean? Who would genuinely desire that?

Modi’s relationship with America

When Narendra Modi was elected prime minister, there were many problems because India was alleged to have “dissent” regarding its population of Indian descent. India has received several warnings that the American media unfairly portrays it and that the Indian media is biased against it. Even though Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was making every effort to improve ties with the US, it wasn’t enough. As evidence of America’s diversity, the number of Indian immigrants has increased to 6 million since 2018. India can maintain secrets from the rest of the world, but America is fully aware of this.

Donald Trump won presidency

Another major international news event in the last five years was when Donald Trump Jr. issued an executive order to construct a wall along the border after winning the presidential election. This ruling was made following several hearings from different judges who determined that there was insufficient material supplied for Trump’s attorneys to refute the construction of the wall. Additionally, in a letter to Congress, Attorney General William Barr recommended the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the corruption claims made against President Trump and those involving him. Trump, however, prevented the appointment of a special prosecutor before the election was settled. Now that your candidate is refusing to provide testimony under oath, what should you do? In order to speak with him about possible election fraud, you turn to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and ask for approval from the Office of Special Counsel.

Supreme Court ruled against the state of Texas over abortion

The Supreme Court’s decision to decide against the state of Texas on abortion is one of the most significant global news stories of the last five years. Abortions were made legal by a court decision this past summer. Despite the fact that the majority of people favor the freedom to regulate one’s own body, the question of whether Republicans support abortions persists in people’s minds.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz voted against Roe v. Wade during the 2016 election cycle in an effort to defend religious liberty. He also opposed lifting the restriction on women’s access to contraceptives. Texas as a result enacted a bill permitting abortion restrictions. How can a woman vote if she is unable to control her own body? Another intriguing aspect is that all of the anti-abortion legislation has been introduced. You can tell the GOP is sincere about wanting to outlaw abortion if you believe it makes sense.

Dark day in Washington DC on January 6

The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency was a dismal one. Even so, gloomy days are not unheard of in Washington, DC. The events on January 6 do appear to be the root cause of the current situation. On this date, revolutionaries stormed the Capitol and attempted to seize power. They attack three officials who were sent to the Capitol complex, according to CBS. Due to the fact that one of them was from North Korea. Additionally, during the attacks, two demonstrators perished.

The things that happened on January 7 served as a reminder that hate has taken over our country. One small spark is all it takes for the situation to become tense. As a result, he made statements every day about what would happen. He pledged to cooperate with the FBI, and his plans are excellent. Despite the fact that he is battling an epidemic that has claimed thousands of American lives.

Russian and Ukraine War

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is one of the most significant global news stories of the previous five years. When the Solar Winds hack occurred in August, everything started to go berserk. and began breaching sensitive American frameworks. After realising there was nothing wrong with the Solar Winds attack unfolding. And that it was actually Russia, President Trump and his team respond. After President Putin declared war on the United States on September 17. The relationship between the United States and Russia has since become even more tense. Given that President Trump has criticised NATO. Additionally, President Obama is in favour of it. Following the initial response from Ukraine. Presidents Biden and Obama made an effort to discuss the significance of Ukraine. But instead they pledged support for that nation and other Eastern European nations.

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